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Whether you’re a startup, SME, or multinational corporation, we tailor our auditing services to meet your unique needs, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth. Experience the best auditing services in Dubai, UAE, and take control of your business finances like never before.

Auditing is the process of examining the financial records of a company. The purpose of an audit is to provide assurance that the accounting information presented by the management is reliable and complete. It helps fraud or other irregularities. In addition, the audit also identifies areas where improvements can be made.

If an audit is not conducted properly, businesses can face various problems, such as inaccurate financial statements, legal penalties, loss of investor trust, and damage to the company’s reputation. Inaccurate financial statements can result in incorrect tax filings, leading to fines and legal action. A poorly conducted audit may also fail to identify potential risks or fraud, leaving the company vulnerable to financial losses.

Why Choose Adam Global Auditing Services for Your Business Audit

With our experience, we will help you to achieve your goals. Our professionals have vast experience in various industries and sectors. We use advanced technology and techniques to perform audits on your behalf. Our audit reports are comprehensive, detailed, and accurate. They contain all relevant information that will help you in making sound business decisions.

In order to ensure quality audits, we follow certain procedures while performing our work. These include:

  • Obtaining necessary permissions from the client before commencing the audit.
  • Completing the audit within the stipulated time frame.
  • Providing regular updates on the progress of the audit.
  • Identifying any issues or problems during the course of the audit.

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Audit Services In Dubai

Internal Audit Service

Internal auditing provides assurance regarding the effectiveness of controls over financial reporting (internal control). This includes reviewing the effectiveness of internal policies and procedures, as well as evaluating the integrity of the financial statements.

Operational Audit Service

Operational audits are conducted to assist management in making decisions about the effectiveness of their operations. These audits help identify areas where improvements can be made and where additional resources may be required.

Real Estate Audit Service

Real estate audits are performed to determine if the real estate assets of the organization are being properly accounted for. This will include checking the property leases, mortgages, and other related documents.

Financial Statement Audit Service

Financial statement audits are performed to verify the accuracy of the financial statements. The objective is to evaluate the adequacy of the presentation of the financial position, results of operations, cash flows, and changes in shareholders’ equity.

Investigation Audit Service

An investigation audit is usually performed when there is reason to believe that fraud has occurred. It involves gathering evidence from various sources to substantiate the claim.

Concurrent Audit Service

A concurrent audit is one that occurs during the period when the annual audit is being performed. Concurrent audits are generally performed to confirm that all necessary disclosures and other items have been included in the financial statements.

Forensic Audit Service

Forensic audits are generally used when fraud has occurred or is suspected. These audits are usually performed after an investigation into the matter has taken place.

Due Diligence Audit Service

Due diligence audits are performed before entering into a contract or other transaction. The objective is to make sure that all parties involved in a potential acquisition are legitimate.

System Audit Service

System audits are designed to assess the integrity of the system’s software and hardware. These audits are usually performed at regular intervals to detect errors and problems before they cause significant damage.

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Adam Global is a globally recognized provider of high-quality, professional services delivered by accredited and regulated professionals. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer top-notch auditing services in UAE to companies operating in various industries such as manufacturing, trading, and the service industry.

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