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Shutting down your business is the last thing you would want to do, but you are not alone.

Liquidation, really?

A mere thought of liquidation may keep you up all night. After all, your business is your dream. Maybe a wish come true that you made upon a shooting star when you were just 9. You have put into it tons of time, money and endeavour. You pulled out all the stops and endured countless sleepless nights throughout its inception. It’s perfectly natural to feel a personal and emotional attachment to your business. Just read what Mickey Rooney said – “You always pass failure on your way to success.” and move on.
We totally understand that the fortune and the prestige of your business both are inextricably tied to your own. But preventing the liquidation of an unsuccessful business will leave you in tears! You have to take it on the chin and come back fighting. Any business person worth their salt is able to diagnose their situation accurately. If you think that it’s time to shut down the company and approach liquidation support in Dubai. Do it gracefully under the guidance of a professional Liquidation Service Advisor who checks all the boxes. And if you are already in search of that perfect corporate Liquidator who is adept and determined to save you from going through the wringer caused by liquidation process, you are already on the right page.

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From liquidation here we mean closing a company and winding up its operations completely and permanently. The process involves selling off (liquidating) all the assets owned by the company at steep discounts and repaying the creditors and shareholders whom the owners owe. Once liquidated, a company can no longer operate or employ people. The business licence of the entity gets revoked and the name removed from the Trade Registry. The entity no more exists. It’s pretty obvious that no one in this world embarks on their entrepreneurial journey to end it on a bad note. But this is the best alternative a company can think of the moment it realises that it’s not in a position to run the business further. All in all, liquidation can be interpreted as an exit strategy for a company that is unable to pay its debts back in a timely manner (solvent companies may also be liquidated though) and is no longer profitable. Liquidation applies to both small enterprises and large, public companies. 

Prime reasons for corporate liquidation

Much ink has been spilled about “how to scale up a business” or “how to become a successful entrepreneur”. Sadly, however, given the disheartening business survival statistics, most businesses never get a chance to hit it big. They begin small and remain small, and many eventually shut down, whether sooner or later. Inadequate capital or lack of funding, inefficient management team, erroneous infrastructure, erroneous business model or marketing initiatives, or maybe the stars are not aligned in your favour. Company closure can be the result of myriad different circumstances and ultimately becomes a voluntary or compulsory act.

What to do next?

You have already identified the need to close the doors of your organization and walk away from it. Whether a creditor is compelling your company to go into liquidation or it’s your own decision to wind up the company affairs, UAE Liquidators’ expert team at Adam Global can advise you on the best way forward. It is far better for the liquidation to be your own choice than to be forced to do it by another party though. Whether your establishment is solvent or insolvent, liquidation is a sensitive procedure and required to be addressed by a licensed insolvency practitioner that we are.
Our liquidation service experts in Dubai, UAE will not only help you bring your business to an end and distribute its assets to claimants smoothly but also enable you to exit from all formalities within 10 days or so. We extend company liquidation services in the UAE to all and sundry who are doing business in the UAE irrespective of the type or region. You may count on us for your:

  • Mainland company liquidation (viz. LLC, civil companies, establishments) 
  • Freezone company liquidation 
  • Offshore company liquidation

Let’s brave the liquidation together!

Liquidation is the hardest decision for any business owner but what needs to be done should be done. Winding up the business affairs and freeing yourself from all the liabilities you have on your shoulders is a daunting task. All you have to keep in mind is – handle the process delicately. And for that, you might feel the need for someone who can take the lead and accomplish the process in a smooth manner. We are that “someone” – your liquidation service provider. Our liquidation service experts make the entire process a sweat for you from beginning to end. With us at your service, you don’t need to worry about myriad things that are involved in the procedure from liquidating your assets to discharging the liabilities to all the paperwork.

We are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of liquidation. We have been appointed as liquidators to a number of UAE companies over the years to assist them through all the facets of corporate insolvency and restructuring. We can guide you through each step of this potentially perplexing process so that you remain compliant while also doing right by your shareholders and creditors. With our assistance you can take decisive action for the good of your enterprise to emerge on the other side, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. If you require more information on corporate liquidation, our experts at Adam Global can help. We offer an initial appointment free of charge to quickly establish your needs.


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