Operational Auditing

The operational audit process can bump up sales figures and reduce operational costs, making a business more competitive.

Examining your business’s internal processes on a regular basis ensures that all operations are running as efficiently as possible.

To set up a business can be a walk in the park but to remain in the market can never be. After all, it’s not just you who is serving the market. Continuous improvement is the key to sustaining in today’s competitive market where every player is dragging customers towards them. And that’s where operational audit comes and saves you from falling victim to cut-throat competition. Establishments that proactively seek means to boost their business are sure to invariably amplify the value of their products and services. The operational audit process helps businesses slash the turnaround time for many processes, directly enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

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You don’t want your business to be flash in the pan, right? Exploring better ways to deliver to customers and respond to changes in the external environment is what you need to stay in the business. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve all elements of an organization. And to keep the wheels turning we perform operational audits as well. It’s vital to recognize and measure what matters and what doesn’t, case in point: are the leadership and strategic HR capabilities of your company efficient enough to deliver what customers and investors want?

Our experienced team of Internal Auditors in the UAE bend over backward to ensure that the auditees’ assets are protected and that enterprise-level risks are well addressed. We work with businesses of all types, be it a family-owned business or a public-joint stock company. Pursuing excellence, the detail-oriented UAE Internal Audit team performs a significant number of tasks, from examining financial statements, expense reports, inventory, financial data, budgeting, and accounting practices to creating risk assessments for each department. Detailed notes are taken, interviews with employees are conducted, work schedules are supervised, physical assets are verified, and financial statements are scrutinized to eliminate potentially damaging errors or falsehoods and find ways to increase productivity.
Our experienced team enacts a risk-based approach to measure and mitigate organizational risks. In addition to that, we also assist clients in managing their costs, boosting business productivity, and moving their performance to the next level. 

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