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DDA Audit Deadline Update: 30 September 2023  

Good news! The DDA audit deadline for submitting audited financial statements is 30/09/2023. And for this it should be your priority to search for “the best accounting specialists & auditors near me” to handle your DDA financial statement audit is required in Dubai.  

Freezones under DDA jurisdiction must ensure their audit reports reach the Authority by the deadline: 30th September this year. Remember, punctuality is crucial. So, tackle this task head-on and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being ahead of schedule. 

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Which entities in the UAE must submit audited financial reports?

Freezone Companies 
Not all, but there are some of them who must submit their audited financial reports to the respective authorities for trade licence renewal. Such free zones include DMCC, JAFZA, DIFC, amongst others. 

Branch of Foreign Companies 
Providing reports every year is obligatory for foreign company branches registered in the UAE.
Companies Being Liquidated 
Audited financial reports are required by the liquidators to develop liquidation report 

Governmental Authorities such as Municipalities, various Ministerial Departments, Insurance Authorities, etc. may also demand from companies the audit reports as of and when they are required for the authorities. 

How Can We Help?

Adam Global, one of the top audit firms in Dubai with over two decades of experience, has a dedicated team of DDA-approved auditors ready to assist. From report preparation to submission, our experts ensure a seamless process. Plus, the audit fees we charge are reasonable, and our comprehensive audit reports are prepared in line with DDA regulations.

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  • Excellence: Delivering best-in-class services, we prioritize your business just like ours.

Our Solutions:

Avoid Penalties: Early submission ensures you won’t face repercussions or additional fees.
Expert Assistance: Our professionals are equipped with advanced tools, ensuring accurate and prompt audit reporting.
Savings: By outsourcing to us, you save on audit fees in Dubai and ensure the availability of top auditors.
Peace of Mind: Stay ahead, trust in our services, and experience increased motivation and confidence in your business.

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